Portrait of the Day


In my pursuit to create a new piece everyday, I’ve gotten a little sloppy with any sort of story telling I may have been going for. However, I am trying to find time to just create something.

Done in Procreate App for IPad.

I can’t stop.

I seriously can’t stop playing around with Procreate for IPad.

This is a 1 hr portrait I did of Michael Rose of mademistakes.com. He is a truly talented digital artist I have been following on Instagram for some time now.

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I was so missing out!


As embarrassed as I am to admit this, I just today fell in love with Procreate app for iPad.

I had been drawing and sketching in a number of free and paid applications for some time now. I had downloaded Procreate and it sat on the back burner for months. Out of sheer boredom, I gVe it another go. Love it!

This digital painting was inspired by Kasey K’s (of Cauliflower Kids Clothing) niece.

Keepin’ Busy

I’ve been all booked up for custom portraits in a wide array of digital mediums, for the past few weeks. This has left very little time for any fine art illustrations of my own.

I had the pleasure of working on this fun family portrait. This final piece is comprised of six separate photo references, which took a little extra care.

20131004-144159.jpgThis is how all separate sketches looked layered before integrating them together. Yikes, right?

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